Vector Real Estate Advisors are far more than silent partners in the disposition of a client’s property assets.  The principals bring a wealth of talent to the commercial real estate arena.  The firm’s strategy is based upon a proven formula that is adapted to meet the unique characteristics presented by each property, jurisdiction and economic environment.  At Vector, our principals look ahead, anticipating political obstacles and presenting a pro-active, inclusive strategy to address them. 

Vector Real Estate Advisors offer feasibility market studies, financial plans, development and management programs, marketing strategies, developer strategic planning, negotiation of agreements and procurement of financing.

Every aspect of the project is covered, from advocating before government agencies to resolving conflicts among key stakeholders. Based upon the project’s specific needs, whether those include planning, engineering, financing, public relations or marketing, Vector assembles a team of qualified consultants to complete the following tasks:

  • Land use and government advocacy

  • Real estate strategic planning

  • Land use entitlements

  • Project advocacy and management

  • Negotiations with public agencies

  • Presentations to community organizations

  • Management of strategic issues and coordination of technical issues

  • Managing the public information process