What is the optimal use of commercial property?  What it is today is not necessarily what it should be moving forward.  Owners have options, such as new leasing plans, changes in third party management, cosmetic improvements, complete renovation, or even outright sale.

Vector Real Estate Advisors analyzes each opportunity and determines in concert with investors, lenders, tenants or owner-users how to meet business objectives, strengthen balance sheets and improve operating results with the goal of increasing profitability.

To avoid the costs of hiring personnel, Vector principals can serve as temporary additions to staff or as an outsourced real estate department.

However Vector’s role is fashioned, the attention to detail and the quality of the service is always the same. In the case of both existing assets and ones being considered for acquisition or disposition, that includes:

  • A detailed due diligence process in which all documents such as leases, environmental reports, operating statements, tenant records and building plans are carefully reviewed, organized and translated into analytical formats such as Argus.

  • Development of a set of recommendations and an implementation plan

  • Frequent communication with the client that includes reports supplementing those from the property manager

To increase value, Vector relies on local expertise but maintains hands-on daily involvement.  As part of its Asset Management service, Vector Real Estate Advisors:

  • Hires and supervises third party managers, leasing agents, construction managers and investment sale brokers

  • Reviews property financials and develops budgets and business plans

  • Oversees major repairs or capital investment programs

  • Determines lease parameters and negotiates all contracts

  • Monitors property value and when appropriate, recommends an exit strategy, oversees the bid process and negotiates a purchase agreement

For clients interested in Property Acquisition, Vector Real Estate Advisors ascertains the potential risks and rewards and performs the following tasks:

  • Prepares Argus or other proforma analysis

  • Assists in the negotiation of the letter of intent, purchase agreement and, if applicable, partnership documents

  • Reviews and abstracts all leases and tenant files

  • Analyzes historic and current operating statements

  • Hires and oversees third party consultants responsible for structural, environmental, title, survey, appraisal and other pre-acquisition studies

  • Assists in the closing process to ensure a smooth transition