The Vector team brings significant investment banking, financing and institutional asset management experience to the challenge of capitalizing or recapitalizing its client’s projects and portfolios.  Vector arranges both debt and equity capital, ranging from conventional first mortgage construction and permanent debt, structured mezzanine debt and equity capital, to joint venture and conventional equity.  Vector is able to seamlessly integrate capital formation services into a broader client assignment, or independently advocate on behalf of a client in the capitalization process.  We are particularly adept at assisting entrepreneurial real estate development and investment firms with long-term capitalization strategy and capital management.

Vector’s skills in the real estate capital markets are distinguished by its principals’ decades of experience as investors, asset managers and advisors in both large- scale institutional firms as well as the private investment and development arena.  We have played each role – lender, borrower, intermediary, investor, and joint-venture partner; and each capitalization assignment is informed by this experience.  By way of example, we counsel each client that the definition of “best deal” goes significantly beyond the economic terms into a careful evaluation of the prospects for achieving the most effective post-closing investment management relationship.  Our experience enables us to closely evaluate the predictable comportment of the future lender/investment partner.

Vector’s specialization in complex assignments reflects our multi-disciplinary real estate skills, long-term capital markets understanding and trusted relationships with a broad range of debt and equity investors.  Vector’s thorough investment underwriting, concise presentations and mastery of the capital-raising process have been honed through approximately $2.0 billion in cumulative transaction value.  Financings ranged from $2 million to more than $100 million in individual and portfolio capital markets transactions.

Now more than ever, real estate debt and equity providers demand clear, credible and comprehensive investment underwriting.  Vector’s protocol provides each client with objective, insightful recommendations that are based in solid analysis and seasoned judgment.  We organize each assignment around a client’s investment goals, track record and financial capability in order to focus the capital search and add measurable value in completing each financing assignment.